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IC-SPLIT, in combination with the FOREVER Transfer Media, opens up incredible opportunities for all users.

IC Split is the software to produce large formats in DIN A2/Tabloid „Extra Plus“ or special widths and lengths with small A4/Letter or A3/Tabloid printers. The solutions makes it possible to easily produce DIN A3/Tabloid format using a A4/Letter printer or DIN A2/Tabloid „Extra Plus“ format using a DIN A3/Tabloid printer with just a few mouse clicks.
The self-explanatory software simply divides the print image into two, three or more parts depending on the desired final format. These are later reassembled on the carrier fabric to form the large image.


  • Self-explanatory process
  • Split designs with just a few clicks
  • Automatic generation of an abstract cutting line for dark and light backgrounds
  • Generate PDF or PNG files
  • No additional media costs
  • Transparent film for easy positioning
  • No visible line after transfer
  • Also suitable for Rasterized images
  • Print custom widths and lengths
  • Formats in DIN A2 and larger are possible
  • Print giant designs onto XXL Shirts
  • Suitable for CMYW or CMYK Laser-/LED Printers
  • Suitable for sublimation printers using FOREVER Subli-Foil
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