E-1200 DTF MAX

Carternz is the original company to deliver DTF commercially to NZ. Our trained technical staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you. We have the largest range of systems, supplies, best prices and qualified technical staff to install systems and support you into the future.

DTF is taking the world textile industry by storm. It has quickly become one of the most popular technologies for garment decoration. The CNZ E-1200 is the latest (and largest) release in our range.

This system boasts an incredible output of 48 sqm per hour at 6 pass settings or 72 sqm per hour at 4 pass

Also Included:

  • Installation and training by Carternz Qualified Technician
  • Cadlink Digital Factory V11 RIP
  • Laptop
  • Precision Epson i-3200 Epson Printheads
  • Tension bar media feeding system
  • Automatic print head moistening & Ink Heating
  • Intelligent Powder Control System
  • Electric pinch roller control systems
  • 72 sqm per hour at 4 pass
  • Finance Options available

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Product info

Model:                          CNZ E-1200 (Printer)

Printing Technology:     Piezoelectric Inkjet

Media:                           Width – 1200mm Thickness Max 1.0mm

Printing Width:              1180mm

Ink Type:                       Transfer Pigment Ink  CMYK+W

Colour Management:   ICC or Density Curve

Interface:                       RJ-45/LAN

RIP Software:               Cadlink Digital Factory

Power Supply:              10A

Printer Dimensions:     L2558mm W835m H1315mm

Weight:                         300kg

Model:                          CNZ E-1200 (Shaker)

Power:                          20A

Power Consumption:   1-2.5KW

Fumes Filter:                Included

Dimensions:                 L2370 x W2000 x H1130mm