The CNZOR6202 DTF printing system is a fully automated system designed to create DTF transfers

DTF (Direct To Film) is an alternative printing process to DTG, White Toner Transfers and HTV. Once heat pressed the water-based ink is transferred to the garment in just seconds.

Prints can be applied to Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Denim and much more. DTF is taking the world textile industry by storm. It has quickly become one of the most popular technologies for garment decoration.

Say goodbye to Weeding, Pre-treating, B-Papers and being limited to certain substrates. Say hello to DTF!

The System comes complete with Laptop or PC pre-loaded with Cadlink Digital Factory DTF Software. Our qualified technician will install the system and provide onsite training. 

Installation and delivery costs may vary depending on location.

Check at the video at the bottom of this page to see this unit in action at our warehouse. 


Excl. GST

Inc. GST

Estimated Delivery
1 Days - 3 Days

Product info

  • 2 x i-3200 Printheads CMYK WWW
  • Media Width 600mm
  • Climate control set to 20-25 degrees Celsius and 40 - 60% humidity
  • Vent to the outside. Fumes are harmful.
  • Speed 30+  250mm x 250mm per hour (6 pass) 720 x 1200dpi
  • A/C 20 amps 2 Dedicated circuits (1 for printer and 1 for drye


  • Printer: 1625 wide x 865 deep x 1450 high
  • Dryer: 1015 wide x 2340 deep x 1040 high (Will not fit through a standard door frame)
  • Estimated Entire Footprint for the Setup: 1625 wide x 3350" deep


           Printer and Shaker unit - 12 months warranty 

           Printheads - 6 Months warranty